Mobile IV Hydration for Everyone

Revitalize on the Go with Our Mobile IV Therapy in the Convenience of Your Home, Office, or Hotel


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Hydration That Revitalizes Wherever You Go

At Neptune IV Hydration, we provide a mobile IV hydration therapy service, offering our professional care to you wherever you may be, in your home, your workplace, or even your hotel room.

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Treatments You Can Trust

Our mobile IV hydration treatments are rich in vital fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, all perfectly combined to rejuvenate and invigorate your body and mind. Our team of experienced registered nurses is always on hand to deliver prompt and efficient care, with the option of same-day delivery based on availability.

Treatment Options

We offer a selection of treatment options, including hangover, migraine relief, energy wellness, immunity boost, athletic optimizer, and pure saline. Alternatively, you can customize your treatment to best suit your unique needs and preferences.

See how we can help you & experience the Neptune IV Hydration difference today.

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How Does it Work

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Schedule your appointment effortlessly through our online platform or by phone. Enjoy the convenience of same-day booking and arrival within the hour, subject to availability.

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A Registered Nurse will travel directly to your home, office, or hotel with no additional charge based on location

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IV treatments typically require approximately 45-60 minutes for completion

Treatments We Offer

Alleviate nausea, mitigate headaches, and combat fatigue

For the worst hangover you’ve ever had

Resolve inflammation and nausea associated with a migraine

Revitalize your body with crucial energy-boosting fluids and essential vitamins

Enhance stamina, expedite muscle recovery, and replenish the body's energy

Enhance your immune system and promote overall well-being throughout your body

Create the ideal IV treatment by selecting the vitamins/minerals that best fit your needs

Restore your body's hydration and replenish essential fluids through intravenous therapy

Group Bookings

Groups of 3 or more recieve a 10% discount

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